CX Corrugated Shipping Containers

ChillXpress corrugated shipping containers are made on “flute lamination machines” or “corrugators” and have the strength of plywood at half the cost with huge savings in shipping due to reduced weight.


ChillXpress Corrugated Shipping Container

ChillXpress Corrugated Shipping Container

ChillXpress containers, Cartons and Tri-walls are used for transportation of goods including perishables such as food and farm produce. Tri-wall consists of Triple wall involving the laminating of 3 corrugated mediums, interleaved with kraft liners and the same is termed as ply. 3ply, 5ply and 7ply plain corrugated cartons are commonly and commercially supplied by ChillXpress.


At ChillXpress each carton is designed keeping in mind the customer requirements of cost, carton strength and purpose. Custom made cartons as per customer specifications are also undertaken.


Any shape, size and quantity: Loads of styles are available. We can even supply them in coloured corrugated cardboard.


Die-cut boxes: We can supply die-cut boxes, these are stamped out of corrugated & cardboard like you cut shapes out of pastry. So they can be any size or shape.


Printed boxes: Remember that we can print even a few boxes with your logo – it’s a very cost-effective way of getting your message across. We do single and black colour for small quantities and any colours for lager runs of printed boxes.


If you are wanting to design a new carton, and not able to decide, as there are more sizes, shapes, materials, thicknesses, dimensions and prints than you can imagine – you have come to the right place. At ChillXpress we will give you a solution based on your requirements.