CX Reflective Triwall Liner

ChillXpress Reflective Triwall Inner Liners – The greener more efficient replacement for EPS insulation in Triwall packaging.


CX Reflective Triwall Liner - EPE

CX Reflective Triwall Liner – EPE

CX Reflective Triwall Inner Liners are an excellent upgrade from inefficient EPS insulation in Triwalls. Already being adopted by shippers worldwide to protect their fresh and frozen products, CX Reflective Triwall Inner Liners are economical, lightweight, low volume, easy to transport/use, store and dispose.





CX Triwall Liner - EPE

CX Triwall Liner – EPE

  •  better  performance than existing EPS inserts
  • Made of reflective insulation that prevents heat intrusion or loss, reducing damage to temperature-sensitive products
  • More economical as a solution than EPS inserts within the logistic cycle
  • Reduces freight, material and warehousing costs exponentially
  • 70% less storage and warehousing space required
  • Disposal: 8% of the volume of EPS. 12x easier to dispose than EPS
  • Disposed liners can be used in poor countries like Afghanistan as an immediate and effective insulation against temperature extremes by lining the underside of shanties unlike EPS which crumbles into particles polluting the landfill.