CX Pallet Covers/Thermal Sleeves

CX Pallet Covers/Thermal Sleeves

HIGH PERFORMANCE Insulation solutions for door to door protection of time/temperature sensitive cargo

Insulated Pallet Cover
CX Insulated Standard Pallet Cover

Customized solutions – we create custom solutions, tailor made for you. Furthermore – we conduct inhouse tests on control studies on request so you know exactly what level of protection you need for your time/temperature sensitive cargo.


Proudct Range – Our Pallet covers are an excellent method of insulating cargo and deliver outstanding temperature control performance against cold and heat. Widely used to protect all frozen and CRT perishable food items. Used with Frozen (upto -30 C), Chilled (-2 to -8) and CRT ambient (15-25). US, Euro, Uk with top and double cover plus any custom sizes to your spec.


Technology – Insulating Pallet Covers, using a combination of reflective foils and thermoplastics, have been shown to protect against extreme temperature differentials when placed over temperature sensitive cargo. The technology gives the covers unique performance capabilities that make them appropriate for a variety of applications. The Pallet Cover provides an effective temperature barrier and maintains the optimal temperature desired by the customer.